Easy to Read Mini-Books & Mini-Plays on Science & Math for Kids

15 Easy & Irresistible Math Mini-Books by Sheryl Ann Crawford & Nancy I. Sanders

Posted on: March 26, 2010

I (Sheryl) LOVE this book! It’s exactly what I needed as a youngster.

Understanding how math is incorporated into daily life is a key concept of developmental learning for primary-age children.

In this book, students read stories in which math is used in EVERYDAY situations, such as counting seashells at the beach or baking cookies. This reinforces the idea to young children that we are living in a math oriented world!

These mini-books introduce LION and MOUSE, two lovable and humorous characters who will win the hearts of your students. Predictable language and repetition will help young readers gain confidence practicing their reading skills, while strengthening their math skills as the eagerly join Lion and Mouse’s math-driven adventures!

Children will measure the size of Lion and Mouse’s friends, watch the clock while cooking Tick-Tock Soup, and add the number of falling leaves.  The last page of each mini-book is a related activity page that reinforces the story’s key math concept.  Students will take pride in their ability to complete the activity of the mini-book that they have just finished reading.

An extension activity is included to further reinforce the concepts in each mini-book.  Children learn a rhyme about disappearing crickets as they count backwards from 5. They learn about shapes while cutting out birdhouses for a bulletin board display. They count to 100 while sharing small surprises from home.

We hope these funny math mini-books will make your students fall in love with Lion and Mouse, and cause them to giggle while sparking their interest in math!

Titles include: Mouse Has Hiccups!, Camping Fractions, Five Loud Crickets, Subtraction Cookies, & Let’s Go to the Store!

These mini-books and their corresponding activities correlate with the NCTM Standards.


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  • Amy Tate: Sherri, this looks fantastic!!! I want one for my daughter, thanks so much for this!


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