Easy to Read Mini-Books & Mini-Plays on Science & Math for Kids

15 Irresistible Mini-Plays For Teaching Math by Sheryl Ann Crawford & Nancy I. Sanders

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Imaginative play and make-believe are precious joys of childhood. These joys are often minimized by the the time spent watching television and playing video and computer games.  This makes it even more important to provide children with opportunities to use their IMAGINATIONS as the learn.

Performing simple plays, whether by reading aloud or acting them out at school or at home, furnishes children with memory-building moments of creativity.

In this book, we’ve tried to create easy-to-read mini-plays that reinforce ESSENTIAL MATH SKILLS, fit into your busy school day, spark the imagination, and tickle kids’ funny bones.  We’ve chosen themes that kids love,  such as dinosaurs, outer space, toys, and “monsters”.

Children will have fun using skip counting to count chicken pox spots in “Chicken Pox Party.”  They’ll giggle as a hungry anteater chases marching ants that have added numbers to their ranks in “Adding Ants.”  They’ll subtract carrots with delight as forgetful rabbits dish up “Almost Carrot Stew.”  Along the way, you’ll be able to introduce or reinforce valuable math skills that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy these plays and use them to guide children into the world of imaginative play—where mathematics COMES ALIVE!

Titles include:  Little Monkey’s Tick-Tock Day (Telling Time), Toy Store (Money), The Round-Up (Grouping), Elephant Sleepover (Fractions) MY FAVORITE!

This book meets the NCTM Standards.


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  • Amy Tate: Sherri, this looks fantastic!!! I want one for my daughter, thanks so much for this!


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