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Mention a mystery that needs to be solved, and children’s curiosity is instantly piqued! What happened? What are we going to do? How can we solve the mystery? What better way to pull children into a lesson than by offering them a mystery to solve?

As children read the adventures of Sue McClue and Casey Counts, the Number Detectives, and their lovable dog, Sherlock Bones, they will probably want to become Number Detectives, too.

Teachers and Home-Schoolers, on page 7 of this Scholastic Resource Book,  you’ll find instructions for making Number Detective Kits! Children can use their kits as they play detective and learn to utilized basic math tools, such as a multiplication chart.

These fun, reproducible mystery stories and activities reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, and other key math concepts.  Turn to page 5 to see how each mystery and its extension activity connect to the current NCTM Standards (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.)

In addition to strengthening essential math skills, the mini-book format also encourages reading! Lively, interesting pictures help readers decode the text and follow the action from one page to the next.

Math doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling mystery for kids!

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  • Amy Tate: Sherri, this looks fantastic!!! I want one for my daughter, thanks so much for this!