Easy to Read Mini-Books & Mini-Plays on Science & Math for Kids

Archive for November 2010

Holiday and seasonal events around the year are special and exciting days for children and provide the perfect opportunity for creating an enthusiastic educational environment in your classroom.

In Pumpkin Patch Math, your students will have fun counting down as pumpkins are picked from a pumpkin patch. They’ll discover important ways to be kind to each other from the lessons they learn in Valentine’s Day Around the Clock. In We Love Spring! they’ll celebrate the new life that accompanies spring’s arrival.  Children will delight in reading and rereading these plays as they build fluency and gain CONFIDENCE as readers!

Engaging and easy-to-use extension activities with literature links are included for each play, beginning on page 6. You can use these cross-curricular activities and book suggestions to reinforce and extend concepts introduced in the plays and to support those that you teach.

From Leaf Laughs in the fall to Playing at the Beach in the summer, we hope that these mini-book plays help you and your students enjoy an celebrate special occasions all year long!

Titles include: Three Cheers on Presidents Day!, A Very Important Holiday (Thanksgiving), Snowflake Tag, and A Fourth of July Sky!



  • Amy Tate: Sherri, this looks fantastic!!! I want one for my daughter, thanks so much for this!